Month: March 2016

Shredding Data Confidentially

Information forms an important part of any organization irrespective of the nature of business it has. There can be various kind of private information in any institute depending upon the kind of activities it carries. For example, the research and development offices can have some very confidential information about the various experiments and the results drawn, the formulas that can lead to the generation of something revolutionary in a particular sector, positive and negative features of any recent analysis that can affect the reputation of a product or a report containing information about the new ingredient that a manufacturing company plans to add to its product. Other organizations dealing in services usually keep record of the information about their clients and prospects and the employees working with the organization. The institutes like banks and financial institution, government offices, police, doctors and other such important places keep varied information about people from different walks of lives. We also give our personal details sometimes as a requirement of some survey and other times as an obligation for an application or a process initiation. It is assumed that all the details such provided are kept confidential by the respective companies, but over the time, this information starts getting obsolete or irrelevant due to constant up gradations and space also becomes a constraint to record and save the entire collection.

Under these circumstances when data clogging and security maintenance of the data becomes a concern, it is very important for every establishment to regularly destruct its undesired data. The destruction should also be done carefully as there is a lot of sensitive information that can be a real threat to safety of a person or place, a complete shredding under proper supervision should be practiced. In 1997, INFOshred was founded in British Columbia with the objective of complete shredding such information whether it is in the form of documents or electronic device. Known as a reliable information shredding company now, Infoshred works with many of its public as well as private sector clients who hire these destruction services on regular or periodical basis.

With Infoshred, the data destruction takes place on site of the company itself in big containers and on-site Mobile document shredding trucks that are equipped with highly efficient machines capable in destructing a volume with speed of around 5000 pounds paper per hour. This installation of containers or trucks depends upon the size of the lot that needs to be disposed off. The process of disposal is free of manual intervention and this is ensured by the CCTV cameras installed inside the containers and the trucks that no human interference took place during the process. The paper and the electronic data both can be destructed with these machines. The paper residual thus obtained is sent to the recycling plant for using as a raw material for the paper formation, thus saving the natural resources and the green environment.

Infoshred also provides a certificate to its client as a proof of destruction in the confidential manner. This certificate can be of great help if someone raises a doubt on the confidentiality of the personal information provided to that organization.

Saving Money For Future & Planning A Secure Retirement Made Easy By Guard My Money!


Not many of us like to give a thought to big time savings when we are in the prime of our earning age as for us at that time priorities are a bit different. Well, there is nothing wrong in this mindset as one should enjoy every moment of life to the fullest; it is just that a balance between spending and saving needs to be maintained. For all those who are still in that perplexing state of how to invest and what to invest in, Guard My Money would be of big help. Being a reputed deposit broker, it is going to make all those keen investors aware of the latest options that promise high yields in the future. Another big reason why working with this broker is highly recommended is that the team is exceptionally friendly and always keeps customer satisfaction on the top.

Guard My Money is going to provide investors with multiple options to choose from, with pros and even cons of each explained in detail so that a well informed decision can be made at the end. The investment tools here are many; investors can check out various Certificates of Deposit coming from various banks and then finally settle in for the one that has the highest rate of interest. The team is going to make investors about the prerequisites and constraints attached so that investors can relate to the option and opt in for the same only if it meets their retirement and saving goals.

  • The CDs offered are 100% safe and secure as these are coming from reputed banks, thus the money invested would help you reap rich dividends in the long run
  • The team at Guard My Money takes all the pain to answer your questions so that you get an idea about each CD, how it works, what is the maturity time and how much money can be invested and with all details investment is going to get simple
  • If looking for planning your retirement in a safe and secure way, going with the options provided by this deposit broker would work as with these there are no stock market losses risks attached
  • Investors need to have their financial goals clear in the head as with this the process of finding the best retirement planning or saving option would become possible
  • With interest rate of 8% to 12% being promised per year, the amount that you invest promises to earn big and with nothing going in the stocks the principal stays safe
  • The Guard My Money professionals would look in your goals, current assets and then would ask you about the area in which you would like to invest and finally would help you in the paper work making this entire process a quick and straightforward one

If you too believe that saving for future is important and want to ditch those traditional tools to try something new and result driven, seeking consultation from Guard My Money is the best option.